Our Story

Founded in 1956 by William E. Walker, Mid-West Family has been connecting people for over 60 years under Walker’s singular belief: when a radio station serves its community well, the station and community are both bound to profit accordingly.

Always locally owned and operated, Mid-West Family has since grown to span eight regional markets, evolving as a media company to not only provide top local radio programming and advertising but also hit events, interactive and digital experiences that connect audiences and advertisers alike.

Through decades of media disruption – from Napster to iPod and Spotify to whatever comes next – Mid-West Family remains strong by providing subscription-free entertainment and local familiarity across airwaves and online, through smart speakers and apps for hundreds of thousands across Michiana.

We’re excited to return our operations and shared values to downtown South Bend where tradition and legacy meet innovation and progress!

Our Stations

With its first broadcast in 1922, 96.1 WSBT Radio has been the voice of Michiana for nearly one hundred years. We’re the official broadcasting partner of Notre Dame Football, Men’s and Women’s Basketball and The South Bend Cubs.

Sunny 101.5 is the area’s number one station, with the number one morning show hosted by Jack and Traci. Sunny is also the number one station while you work, playing the best variety of music that everyone can enjoy.

Z94.3 plays quality rock from artists like The Beatles, The Stones, Fleetwood Mac, R.E.M., and more. Combine that music with charismatic local DJs like Marko and Jesse Edwards and you have one of the area’s top-rated stations.

Speaking of top-rated, Live 99.9 is number one for new music and the market leader for entertainment, anchored by the laugh–out–loud morning show of Brooke and Jeffrey, followed by Kristen, Jackson Blue and Kobe Fargo.

New Country 96.1 The Ton plays a ton of new country music. Lead by legendary voices, Bobby Bones in the Mornings, Jim Mackey, and Mark McGill.