Samantha James-Weeknights

Where do I begin – I guess I can start with geography.  I have lived in three different countries and six different states.  I spent my childhood in England but have always considered the Midwest my American home.  I do value my British roots though.   There is something about that tiny rain-soaked island that produces so much amazing music. I grew up in a house filled with vinyl.  I started keeping a notebook of  music charts almost as soon as I could write.  I was addicted to Top of the Pops (trust me you have seen videos from that show on YouTube) and I have never been able to tell anyone who my favorite artist is.  (How can you choose just one!)

When I’m not dancing in the studio (or my kitchen) I’m watching tennis, drinking tea or taking in a bit of nature.

Looking forward to hanging out together weekday nights, playing Quality Rock on Z94.3.